Searchlight Yoga is a Gainesville, Florida studio featuring  experienced yoga teachers and bright new talent . The studio specializes in classes that suit all levels, from beginners to the most accomplished practitioners. Come practice in a peaceful place - a place for people to really sink in and get to experience the core of yoga; a space for people to really find themselves, strengthen and heal. 

Samantha Jones, Owner/ Teacher/ Manager Betsy Carlson, Owner/ Teacher Nicole Sands, Owner JulieAnne Tabone, Owner

The space is beautiful and airy, staff is professional and warm and you can hang out and drink tea! I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve tried, they have top notch talented teachers and dynamic classes for all levels with varied class times.
— Erica


Our studio flooring is by APC Cork flooring. The cork trees are not felled and the bark is harvested every 7 years. Our bamboo flooring is by Eco Fusion. The bamboo is responsibly harvested from managed plantations. Our paint is from Today AFM, and is zero VOC, Formaldehyde-free and solvent free. Thank you to Indigo Green Building Solutions for helping us create a healthy and beautiful space.