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Betsy Carlson’s definitive teaching and gentle loving challenge with the most sublime poems and reminders to be present in our lives with acceptance and surrender... was a gift to myself! Thanks Searchlight yoga!
— Kathleen

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Let’s start from the very beginning.  Our Foundations class will teach you basic yoga postures and breathing techniques, emphasizing correct alignment and allowing time to notice the effect of the poses on the body. Build your practice from the ground up, plus how to use props for greater support and safety, when needed.  From this class you will be ready to move on to a Gentle or All Levels class.


An aerobic, fast paced flow for fans of Vinyasa and power yoga. Expect to exert yourself fluidly through challenging variations! Knowledge of basic asanas and breath recommended.

All Levels

An All Levels class will accommodate nearly every student from the beginner to the most accomplished practitioner. Each yoga asana will be built upon in stages, so ideally there is a variation for everyone- the beginner can sink in to the base pose and experienced students can add variations. A great class for moving, breathing, and opening, for exploring your limits and trying something new.

All Levels Lunchbreak

This 50 minute midday stretch will have you feeling lifted, open, and energetic! Designed for people who sit, drive, text, type, or otherwise succumb to poor posture, our Lunchbreak class has a very specific postural and therapeutic focus- you'll work your shoulders and core, open your chest and hips, and feel amazing. 

"Everyone's asking me if I lost weight, but really I'm just standing up straighter because of this class" -Mike 

"Since I've been taking Lunchbreak class I am free of back pain" - Dan 

"I need this class" -Jenna 


Ashtanga is a deep yoga tradition established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. It is often considered the origin of 'power' yoga. Following a specific sequence of asana (held poses) and vinyasa (movement), Ashtanga is a challenging and invigorating practice that builds internal heat - a great practice for purifying and detoxifying. Forward folds, back bends, twists and inversions compliment each other to make a balanced and complete sequence. Each movement is synchronized with the breath, allowing the practitioner to cultivate presence, fortitude, and a calm mind. Some knowledge of yoga is beneficial to take this class. 


A nurturing, meditative class for all levels. Beginners welcome, and the more experienced practitioner will have the opportunity to recover and restore. The movements in this class are fluid and practiced with awareness so that you get a chance to deeply connect with yourself and feel relaxed and centered after. This class is a gift you give yourself!


A nurturing, meditative class for all levels. Beginners welcome, and the more experienced practitioner will have the opportunity to recover and restore. Although we consider Yin to be a Gentle class, the practice can be quite challenging! Asanas are held for longer duration- sometimes several minutes. This class is a phenomenal way to increase flexibility and assess and address imbalances in your body. You will maintain a 'passive' pose which allows access facia and connective tissue for a deeper stretch while you draw your senses inward for a meditative experience. 

My first inversion class [Challenge] with the lovely and super talented Samantha Jones! If you haven’t tried yoga at this spot yet, you need to!
— Alison