All levels of classes for all levels of practice

Find a class that's right for you. Check out our class descriptions to find a class that suits your mood and your level of experience. Looking for a specific style? Our teachers have diverse backgrounds and certifications- read their bios to find a perfect fit. View our schedule to plan and pay ahead or just drop in for a class!

All great and knowledgeable teachers who make space for yogis of all levels. The space is beautiful and the classes are affordable.
— Daniel
As a beginner, I was intimidated to join classes, but the instructors and space are so welcoming and wonderful. I’d recommend it to anyone.
— Anna
A wonderful place to practice yoga! Love it. This is a warm yoga community with experienced teachers.
— Lawrence
I walked by one day and decided to give Yoga a try. I’m so thankful I did, for I have found a “light” in my life, a place of peace and harmony, that I have “searched” forever for! “Searchlight” is the perfect name for this beautiful place.
— Angie
We've been nominated, now it's time to vote Searchlight Yoga your favorite studio in Gainesville!

We've been nominated, now it's time to vote Searchlight Yoga your favorite studio in Gainesville!

Welcome New Students! 

Sometimes the hardest part of trying something new is taking that first step to get started. Here are some guidelines for using the studio and getting started at Searchlight.

First visit? Your first class is free! Read our teacher bios and class descriptions to figure out which class you want to go to- if you're a beginner, consider a Foundations or Gentle class. You can then create a client profile and reserve your spot. If you are not tech savvy, just come on in- our helpful front desk staff is on hand to help you get set up, just make sure you show up 15 minutes early for your scheduled class. 

No mat? No problem. Students are welcome to borrow a mat (located in the studio space- not the 'member mat' storage in the cubby/reception area) we just ask that you use our mat spray to wipe it down after. We have everything you need to practice, right down to clean, filtered water to keep you hydrated. 

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, and try not to eat right before class.

Once you take that step and explore your first class, try more classes. You'll find a teacher that you connect with- there are so many different styles of yoga, so many different approaches. Find a good fit with someone who presents things in a way that feels accessible to you, that 'speaks' to you and that feels good. Your best bet is to find a balance between comfort and challenge.

Come frequently! A consistent practice is better than 'knocking it out' once a week. We have set our pricing options to optimally support your practice, and we have over 30 classes a week! If you can't make it to a class, hang out in a yoga pose or two at home. Breathe. Do an activity in a mindful way. Every day, or as often as you can!

Upcoming Events! 

Sliding into Splits- Journey to Hanumanasana with Tori Hall 

This All Levels workshop will give you the tools to unlock your hips, hamstrings and back to make Hanumanasana more accessible. The first half of this workshop will include mobility techniques to help increase range of motion through the legs and back. The second half of the workshop will be a yoga flow incorporating many ways to stretch and prepare for Hanumanasana. Whether you already have a comfortable splits posture, or are trying to attain this posture without injury, there will be something for everyone! Saturday, October 21st 2:30-4:30pm $20 No Class Passes. 

Developing a Daily Meditation Practice with Marc Ketchel

Experience the amazing benefits of meditation! This comprehensive introduction will cover the three primary techniques used by all meditation traditions: focused attention, witness consciousness, and loving kindness. Perfect for beginners and experienced meditators. We will discuss how and why each of the techniques addresses the common challenges of our culture: stress, anxiety,depression, lack of sleep, mental fog and lack of clarity. Learn to develop empathy and compassion for yourself and others, and relax at will in a matter of a couple of minutes. Upon completion of the workshop you will be able to confidently develop a daily practice of meditation and address the issues that are currently challenging your quality of life. Sunday 10/22, $30, 1-3:30pm. 

Marc Ketchel, a former monk, has been teaching meditation since 1976 and has spent more than 20,000 hours in deep practice.

The Sound Session with Guest Teacher Tea Roman 

Rooted in an ancient approach to sound, you will be guided through a combination of gentle restorative yoga incorporating powerful Tibetan Bowl frequencies and meditation with transcending bamboo flute vibrations. Join us for 'The Sound Session' by Tea Roman; one of the purest experiences of enlightenment and conscious awakening available in the western world. Friday October 27th, 7:30-9pm. $25 No Class Passes. Event is limited to 18 people, please register early! 

Crystal Bowl Bath with Betsy

Join Betsy for a Crystal Bowl bath! Enjoy a 30-minute Savasana accompanied by the pure, expansive, and powerful sound of three crystal singing bowls, interspersed with the chiming of a traditional Tibetan metal singing bowl. The vibration of the crystal singing bowl can effectively resonate with your body and brain to restore health, vitality and tranquility. Come and experience the healing qualities of sound. Friday November 3rd 7:15-7:45pm. $5-10 Suggested Donation. No need to preregister just come on in! 

Book Club: A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline 

This novel was inspired by the magical realist painting by Andrew Wyeth
"Christina's World" (1948). The author imagines the life and times of the woman in this painting - Anna Christina Olson - adding flesh and bones to this iconic moment. The book is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, set in Cushing, Maine, that ponders the question of how we see ourselves and how are we seen through other people's eyes. Thursday December 7th 7:30pm Location TBA  Contact us for more info on joining Book Club